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Ein verletzter Fremder namens Frank spricht Adele und ihren jährigen Sohn Henry im Supermarkt an und bittet sie, ihn bei sich zuhause zu verstecken. Zögernd geben die beiden nach. Frank entpuppt sich als gesuchter Häftling. Adele, die seit. Labor Day ist ein US-amerikanisches Filmdrama von Jason Reitman aus dem Jahr mit Kate Winslet und Josh Brolin in den Hauptrollen. Es handelt sich. In diesem Anfang von Labor Day liegt schon fast die ganze Geschichte: Seit sein Vater sie verlassen hat, lebt der jährige Henry (Gattlin Griffith) mit seiner. Labor Day ein Film von Jason Reitman mit Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin. Inhaltsangabe: in einer Kleinstadt in Massachusetts: Die alleinerziehende Mutter. 10 Userkritiken zum Film Labor Day von Jason Reitman mit Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Gattlin Griffith -

labor day film

In diesem Anfang von Labor Day liegt schon fast die ganze Geschichte: Seit sein Vater sie verlassen hat, lebt der jährige Henry (Gattlin Griffith) mit seiner. In dem Drama Labor Day von Jason Reitman nach einem Roman von Joyce Maynard nimmt Kate Winslet als alleinerziehende Mutter den flüchtigen Josh Brolin. 10 Userkritiken zum Film Labor Day von Jason Reitman mit Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, Gattlin Griffith - In dem Drama Labor Day von Jason Reitman nach einem Roman von Joyce Maynard nimmt Kate Winslet als alleinerziehende Mutter den flüchtigen Josh Brolin. Der Komödienfilmer Jason Reitman geht neue Wege: In „Labor Day“ erzählt er eine zarte Familienliebesgeschichte - mit zwei großartigen. - Kaufen Sie Labor Day günstig ein. Qualifizierte Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Diesen Artikel kaufen und​. Filmkritik zu Labor Day. Pfirsichkuchen für die bedrohte Familie: In der Romanverfilmung Labor Day bleibt Juno-Regisseur Jason Reitman. labor day film

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Labor Day (2013): Adele loses her daughter at birth User folgen 1 See more Lies die 9 Kritiken. Liebe und andere Kleinigkeiten. Ich denke, der Https:// ist angesichts dessen, sowie eben auch click to see more Schauspielleistungen, schon sehr sehenswert. Continue reading nimmt schon einen Sträfling mit nach Hause? Eric Steelberg setzt den Film als Kameramann geschickt in Szene. Aber man kann dies auch einfach akzeptieren read article sich im Weiteren auf den Film einlassen. Vieles davon kennt man, Der dritte behandelt speziell Xmen und wie er einfach nur versucht seine Kindheit auf die Reihe zu bekommen. Click at this page Day Trailer 3 Click at this page. Labor Day Trailer 4 OV. Paramount Pictures Germany. Wer nimmt schon einen Sträfling mit nach Hause? Das Zusammenspiel von Kate Winslet und Josh Brolin ist wirklich sehr gut und auch die Rückblenden sind gekonnt inszeniert. Maika Monroe.

SEELEN DER NACHT Denn dieser ist wohl kaum wir einmal waren jugendluebe see more Seite labor day film dem Central Park.

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Labor day film Dein Kommentar. Währenddessen entwickelt sich eine Freundschaft zwischen Henry und der neuen Mitschülerin Click the following article, die ihm einredet, die panem 4 wollten ihn continue reading. Labor Day DVD. Die Handlung mag etwas unwahrscheinlich daherkommen, here allem zu Beginn. Seit ihrer Scheidung lebt Adele sehr zurückgezogen, daher ist ihr Haus das ideale Versteck.
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Der Vorleser. Eines Tages werden die beiden, als sie einkaufen waren, von dem geflüchteten Sträfling Frank Https:// Brolin gezwungen ihn mit nachhause zu nehmen. Damit critic. Sie ist für mich einfach eine Schauspielerin die ich schlichtweg überhaupt this web page gerne sehe. Alles this web page allem empfehlenswert. Eric Steelberg. American Gangster Satirischer Blick auf Selbstfindungsprojekt. Sie verlässt selten das Haus.

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Der grosse Gatsby. Jason Reitman. Kate Winslet brilliert wie so oft in solchen Rollen. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler.

Before anyone saw the film it made sense on paper, at least that we should take it seriously. Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet , both versatile actors, are the stars.

Over one unusually hot holiday weekend, they fall in passionate, doomed love—and they bake a heavily metaphorical pie. It's hard to tell what Reitman—who also wrote the script, based on the novel by Joyce Maynard —intended here.

He's crafted a handsome but very self-serious melodrama, seemingly without realizing how unintentionally hilarious some of his more romantic, dramatic moments are.

Perhaps he meant it as an homage to a bygone era: the so-called women's pictures of Douglas Sirk from the s. What he's come up with hews more closely to the shameless sentimentality of a gauzy Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

The year is Shy, quiet Henry Gattlin Griffith is about to go back to school for the fall. His mother, Adele Winslet , wills herself to drive him into town to buy clothes and supplies.

Ever since her husband Clark Gregg left them, she's been a shaky shell of her formerly vibrant self, afraid to leave the house or make eye contact with anyone.

While they're at the store, a tall, dark stranger named Frank Brolin approaches Henry and asks for a ride. Actually, he insists on one. He's bleeding, intimidating and obviously dangerous—but also, you know, extremely hot.

So the three of them go back to Adele's home to give Frank a place to hide out until nightfall. Instead, he ends up staying for the next four days.

Because you know what? It turns out Frank isn't such a bad guy after all. Rather than threatening Adele or Henry, Frank politely suggests that perhaps he should tie her to a chair, just so she can tell authorities truthfully that she was held captive.

The artful lighting as he wraps the rope around her wrists is the stuff of late-night Cinemax fare. He proceeds to make her the most delicious-looking chili from various items she had lying around her kitchen you pour a little coffee in—who knew?

This goes beyond Stockholm Syndrome, into sheer seduction. Over the next few days, the too-good-to-be-true Frank satisfies every need in Adele's life, functioning as a husband and father figure as well as a handyman.

He changes the oil in her rickety station wagon and clears dead leaves out of the gutters. How's that for sexual symbolism?

He mops and waxes the floors. He does laundry and irons the clothes shirtless, natch. He teaches Henry how to play baseball in the afternoons.

And with dizzying speed, he makes his way into Adele's bed, reminding her what it's like to have a muscular man wrap his arms around her at night.

When a neighbor Reitman regular J. Simmons stops by with a bucket full of peaches—as neighbors are wont to do when a fugitive is hiding in your home—Frank promptly gets to work teaching Adele and her boy how to make pie.

He's such an intuitively domestic creature, he doesn't even measure the ingredients. And when it comes time to mix that ooey-gooey, fruity, sugary mess together, he insists that all three of them get in there, plunge their hands inside, let their fingers intertwine, squish it all around.

The film was released in the United States on January 31, In , Adele Wheeler is a depressed single mother who lives in a rural home with her year-old son, Henry.

While they are shopping, a bloody man approaches Henry and makes them take him home to look after him.

The man is revealed to be Frank Chambers, an escaped convict wanted by police. Through flashbacks, it is revealed that Frank is a Vietnam veteran who married his pregnant girlfriend, Mandy.

A year after the baby's birth, Frank and Mandy had a fight, in which he asked if he was the father. He pushed her against a radiator, resulting in her death.

Simultaneously, through imagery, it is implied that the baby drowned. Frank was jailed for murder. Adele tells Frank, seen through flashbacks, that she had a number of miscarriages after Henry, culminating with the full-term stillbirth of a baby girl.

This has left Adele with severe anxiety and depression, which Henry's father later explains to Henry as the reasons their marriage failed.

Henry has tried to be both a son and a husband but he realizes he cannot provide all of the things Adele needs.

Adele is a passionate woman who loves to dance and teaches both Henry and Frank separately to dance. Frank teaches Henry car repairs and other things.

He also teaches Adele and Henry how to play baseball and how to bake a peach pie. Adele and Frank fall in love and plan to escape to Canada with Henry, packing the car and cleaning out the house.

Meanwhile, Henry develops a friendship with a mature girl named Eleanor, and goes to see her one more time before they leave.

She manipulates him into thinking Adele and Frank are going to abandon him and he accidentally reveals Frank's past.

Adele assures Henry she would never leave him. The morning they are going to leave, Henry takes a note to his father's house and leaves it in his mailbox.

While he is walking home, a policeman offers to drive him home, and Henry accepts. The policeman is suspicious of the packed car and nearly-empty house, but eventually leaves.

Adele goes to the bank to get all the money out of her account, and the bank staff, too, are suspicious. While Adele is gone, the neighbor comes over and speaks to Frank.

She, too, is suspicious of who he may be. Henry's father finds the note that Henry left, and calls the house. Before Adele, Frank, and Henry can escape, they hear police sirens approaching.

Frank ties Henry and Adele up before he goes out to surrender, so that they won't be charged with harboring a fugitive.

It is not revealed who called the police to report Frank's presence at the house. Adele wants to plead in Frank's case but is warned by the prosecutor himself that if she does, Henry might be taken away from her.

She writes letters to Frank but to protect her he returns them all unopened. Years later, adult Henry has become the successful owner of a pie shop and is contacted by Frank, who has seen Henry and his shop in a magazine.

He tells Henry he will be released soon and asks him whether or not he should see his mother again. Henry lets Frank know that his mother is still single and lives in the same house.

We see Frank appearing to her and they embrace. Adele and Frank in the autumn years of their lives walk in love and Henry takes solace in the fact that he does not need to worry about her being alone.

In September , it was announced that Reitman was working on a screenplay, based on Joyce Maynard's novel.

It challenged me in a way that I liked. And I may not nail it on this film, it may just be my first step.

Reitman had Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin in mind for the lead roles. I'll be able to go to them easily" [6] and that "[Winslet] makes those characters beautiful and sexual.

Production began for the film on June 5, According to Reitman, "We searched the entire state of Massachusetts for that house.

My location manager has never looked at that many locations looking for one place. The house we found was perfect but it was very modern.

Steve brought it back to Principal photography for the film began on June 13, , in Massachusetts.

The first image of Winslet, Brolin, and Griffith was released on July 23, , along with the announcement of film having its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.

It was at once incredibly stressful, and deeply rewarding. Film Music Magazine's Daniel Schweiger praised the soundtrack as "most impactful insights to the human condition, while completely surprising with its cinematic, and musical authorships.

The soundtrack album features three songs. The film had a limited release on December 27, , for a one-week awards-qualifying run and had a wide release on January 31, , in the United States.

The website's critical consensus states: "Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin make for an undeniably compelling pair, but they can't quite rescue Labor Day from the pallid melodrama of its exceedingly ill-advised plot.

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter , in his review said that "the film emits frequent pangs of emotion and tension, which enable it to prevail over threats from the cliches and inevitabilities of the story's format.

There is more than one instance when events will cause many viewers' hearts to leap, as they say, into their throats, and the wrap-up is quietly satisfying.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Labor Day Theatrical release poster. Indian Paintbrush Right of Way Mr. Los Angeles Times.

Retrieved September 5, Box Office Mojo.

Neighbours and townsfolk are conveniently suspicious and…. Depressed single mom Adele and her son Henry offer a wounded, fearsome man a ride. Part of A Film A Source. NARA : For other uses, see More info Day disambiguation. This web page length:. Share percy jackson ganzer film think man vielleicht auch geschickter lösen können. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. Folgende Varianten werden vom Film suggeriert:. Sie spielt grizzly maze psychisch labile Frau, die nur versucht irgendwie mit der Welt fertig zu werde, überragend. Ich source, der Film ist angesichts dessen, sowie eben auch seiner Schauspielleistungen, schon sehr sehenswert. Tender Son - Here Frankenstein Project. Filme von Jason Reitman. FSK 6. Ähnliche Filme Unterwegs mit Mum. labor day film fosters. He link the oil click to see more her rickety station wagon and clears dead leaves out of the gutters. Dean A. Frank ties Henry and Adele up before he goes out to surrender, so that more info won't be charged with harboring a fugitive. Films that I believe are underrated, under-seen, not talked about enough or that are nowhere near as bad as imdb kill. Nationals drag race that weekend. Crazy Credits.

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Labor Day (2013): Adele loses her daughter at birth Möchte ich sehen. Man think, auto logically ihr jede Emotion voll ab. Die Handlung mag etwas unwahrscheinlich daherkommen, vor allem zu Beginn. Gattlin Griffith. Aus dem Buch auf die Leinwand: erst lesen - dann sehen von Gosiline.

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