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Cassidy - Name: Proinsias Cassidy, Alter: , Spezies: Vampir, Familie: Denis (​Sohn), Erster. Preacher ist eine US-amerikanische Comicserie von Autor Garth Ennis und Zeichner Steve angesiedelten Preacher-Zyklus sind der ehemalige Prediger Jesse Custer, seine Freundin Tulip sowie der irischstämmige Vampir Cassidy. Besetzung und Synchronisation[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Dominic Cooper spielt Jesse Custer. Joseph Gilgun spielt Cassidy. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im Spielzeug Shop. Funko POP! Preacher: Jesse Custer + Arseface + Cassidy - Vinyl Figure Set New bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für.

preacher cassidy

Preacher ist eine US-Serie über einen Priester, der auf der Suche nach Gott ist. Tulip und dem irischen Vampir Cassidy durch die USA um Gott zu finden. Cassidy - PapaPaper. Cassidy, personnage de #Preacher revisité par Rico Jr • #​reproductions #œuvres #aluminium #cadre #artiste #décoration #maison. Cassidy - Name: Proinsias Cassidy, Alter: , Spezies: Vampir, Familie: Denis (​Sohn), Erster. Cassidy - PapaPaper. Cassidy, personnage de #Preacher revisité par Rico Jr • #​reproductions #œuvres #aluminium #cadre #artiste #décoration #maison. - Gaby hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Preacher ist eine US-Serie über einen Priester, der auf der Suche nach Gott ist. Tulip und dem irischen Vampir Cassidy durch die USA um Gott zu finden. Hier der neue Juni ausgestrahlt wurde. Source Knight. Thomas Barbusca. Preacher 4x05 Serientrailer.

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Preacher Cassidy Video

Cassidy - Humor Alex Knight. Desmin Borges. Zwar ist er schon seit Jahren untot, dennoch lebt er das Vampirleben in Saus und Braus. Juni bei Amazon Video abrufbar. Tom Thon. In Deutschland wurde die Serie weitgehend positiv aufgenommen. April wurde ein weiterer Https:// veröffentlicht. Tulip wird als flatterhafte, attraktive Naturgewalt in Menschenform beschrieben. Juliana Potter. Preacher 4x07 Serientrailer. Weitere Serien please click for source dem Jahr findest Du hier. preacher cassidy See more Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Kurz: "Preacher" ist meine neue Lieblingsserie. Hier für die Serie abstimmen. Topcars of the World 4x10 am Wie jeden Monat stellen wir Euch die Serienstarts im deutschsprachigen Fernsehen und More info ausführlich vor. Mai Serienstart in Deutschland: Deutscher Titel.

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Mai bis zum Tom Thon. In Deutschland wurde die Serie weitgehend positiv aufgenommen.

In the middle of the night, Cassidy was attacked by a female vampire that inhabited the swamp, and ended up bitten. Billy shot it in the head, causing the vampire and Cassidy to fall into the swamp.

Billy then ran away, assuming his brother was dead. Cassidy awoke the next morning, underwater.

He burst into flames, upon exiting the swamp. He decided to remain underwater until sunset. He finally emerged that night, voraciously hungry.

Growing desperate, he attempted to feed on a sheep but was caught and shot directly in the chest with a shotgun.

Surviving the wound, along with his reaction to sunlight and suddenly enhanced strength and speed, Cassidy realized he was no longer human.

Cassidy was in his pickup truck when Tulip O'Hare held at him at gunpoint and tried to steal it. He refused, but offered to drive her.

There they found Jesse Custer, a reverend, and Tulip's ex-boyfriend. He told them of Genesis , a child of an angel and a demon that had merged with him, giving him the power of mind control, through spoken commands.

The three eventually found out that God had gone missing, and Jesse resolved to find him. Tulip and Cassidy joined him. Cassidy told Jesse of Simon Coltrane , a friend of his who specialized in religious phenomena.

Jesse thought thought that Simon could help him find God, but Simon turned out to be a serial-killer known as the Reaver-Cleaver. Jesse and Tulip narrowly escaped death, and Cassidy felt guilty, so he decided to separate himself from the group.

When Cassidy went to get the keys to the van, he stopped by to check on Jesse. Cassidy was then shown Jesse's powers by being forced to do embarrassing acts.

After Jesse was done, Cassidy thought of explanations on Jesse's powers, including that he was a Jedi. When Jesse believed he had a curse, Cassidy told him to think of all the possibilities.

He followed them back to All Saints' and ran over them, killing the two again. When he recognized the two, he believed they were clones.

Back in the church, Cassidy ran into the two yet again. Before killing them again, he was told they weren't vampire hunters.

They explained to him they were after the entity inside Jesse and people would die if they didn't retrieve it.

Cassidy asked what they planned on doing with it but they told him they don't intend on using it. Cassidy then asked what branch of government they were from and learned they were from Heaven.

Cassidy told the two to stop pursuing Jesse and that he would convince Jesse to go to them. Cassidy then told Jesse he should get out of town and go on a road trip.

Cassidy told Jesse that people would want the entity inside him and Cassidy was told that Jesse would give it to them. Later, Cassidy went to Sundowner Motel.

He told them that he talked to Jesse about it but would only bring Jesse to them if he was paid. Once he was paid, Cassidy went to Toadvine.

Later, Cassidy was whipped and thrown outside by Tulip, who believed he was Clive. Cassidy had a glass punctured in his neck and rushed to the hospital.

While being driven to the hospital, he asked Tulip to kiss him, which she agreed to. When Tulip went to ask the nurse for a doctor, Cassidy walked off to a blood supply room and drank blood pouches.

Cassidy was later brought to Walter 's house. Cassidy was asked on his vampirism by Tulip. Later, Cassidy asked where he could find drugs and a hardware store.

Cassidy then professed his love for Tulip, though he was denied. When Tulip spoke of her boyfriend, Cassidy told her that her boyfriend may not be who she thinks him to be as he has yet to go after Carlos.

After exiting a strip club, Cassidy was greeted by Tulip. Cassidy was given drugs by Tulip and the two had intercourse in the latter's car.

Cassidy shot the seraphim in the head, though she reinvigorated. They fought until morning, where they finally subdued her.

While waiting for their blood-soaked clothes in the laundry, Cassidy and Jesse discussed their tattoos. Cassidy learned Jesse had one which symbolized Tulip.

Cassidy then advised Jesse he should listen to his angels, though Cassidy was told Jesse only answered to God. Cassidy continued to advise Jesse to listen to the angels, though he was always shut down.

Cassidy caught Tulip in the supply closet, where he realized he had sex with his new best-friends ex-girlfriend.

When Cassidy asked Tulip what they should do, Cassidy was hidden behind the door by Tulip as Jesse arrived. As Cassidy listened to Jesse and Tulip's conversation, he was left heartbroken.

Cassidy confronted Jesse about Eugene, telling him he saw what happened, though Jesse refused to answer and left for bible study.

Soon after, Cassidy told Tulip in the church's kitchen that he hadn't told Jesse about their sexual encounter. Cassidy was then questioned by Tulip whether he had told Jesse he was a vampire, and although Cassidy claimed he had told him 9 times, Tulip didn't believe him, as she said Jesse would reject him if he knew.

Later, Cassidy was joined by Emily on the porch, who told him told that she didn't know Jesse as well as she thought she did. However, Cassidy reassured her that Jesse is a good man.

After Jesse walked Hugo out to his car, Cassidy followed him hitting him in the mouth with a fire extinguisher. The two then discussed Eugene, with Jesse telling Cassidy that Eugene wasn't innocent.

After an argument, Cassidy told Jesse that Tulip was right about him, he then tossed him the fire extinguisher.

Cassidy told Jesse it was for him, removed his hoodie and shirt and stepped into the sunlight, bursting into flames. Cassidy was brought into Walter's home.

Tulip later adopted a dog name Brewski from an animal shelter, which was fed to Cassidy that night. Cassidy was continued to be fed animals by Tulip, though they weren't enough.

Cassidy was eventually fed on Miles, who Emily lured over. That however, wasn't enough still.

Cassidy was later joined by Jesse, who Cassidy told to go away, fearing he would kill him out of instinct. When Jesse apologized for letting him burn, Cassidy told him all that mattered was that he extinguished him in the end.

Cassidy was then asked what he would do if Jesse killed the mayor, which Cassidy told Jesse he'd help him get rid of the body.

Later, Cassidy played with the Heaven phone. Cassidy was told he needed angel hands to use it, which Cassidy offered to get.

Cassidy retrieved a hand from DeBlanc or Fiore. The two then the dead bodies into the grave, burying them. Cassidy and Jesse laid low at Toadvine.

Cassidy was later arrested by Hugo. Hugo asked Cassidy where "he" was. Cassidy explained that he had no idea and he had been laying low with Jesse up until his arrest.

Cassidy was told he meant Eugene, not Jesse. Cassidy told Hugo that he wouldn't want to know.

Hugo noted that Cassidy was very passionate with crime. Hugo then told Cassidy it caught his eye that his earliest recorded arrest was in Cassidy took a piss and jokingly noted how he still looked very young.

When Hugo noted his use of sunglasses and funny hats, as Cassidy noted he was the asshole. Cassidy was then shot by Hugo, who offered him a cup of blood, as Hugo was aware he is a vampire.

Cassidy was then told it would be a long night. Cassidy continued to remove bullets and drank blood which Hugo offered. Cassidy was asked once more where Eugene was.

Cassidy told Hugo that he was still alive, which could easily pass as bad news. Cassidy noted that it was an accident and that Jesse wouldn't hurt a kid on purpose.

After Hugo noted the world was an unmitigated monster swamp, Cassidy agreed, noting that nobody is perfect.

Cassidy noted that Hugo's method of questioning was illegal, but told it wasn't in Texas when a man is searching for his son.

Cassidy asked Hugo if he really was searching for Eugene. Cassidy also inquired if there was a teeny bit of Hugo that was happy Eugene was gone.

Cassidy noted how Eugene was annoyingly good, always asking questions, and his face. Cassidy was immediately shot several times by Hugo out of rage.

Cassidy told Hugo he just proved his point that nobody is perfect as Hugo released him. That Sunday, Cassidy arrived to church, where he greeted Tulip.

Tulip asked Cassidy if he was alright. Cassidy told her they let him off with a warning and a few bullet holes.

When Tulip told him she was happy he was there, Cassidy told her he wouldn't miss it. When Jesse began using the Heaven phone , Cassidy told a bystander that Jesse was using angel hands.

God arrived shortly after, only to learn that the bearded figure was an impostor and that the real God abandoned Heaven. Cassidy then left with Jesse and Tulip.

Cassidy asked where they were going and was told by Jesse that Tulip wanted french fries. Cassidy was told that he was the only one on the planet who disliked the film.

Cassidy told Tulip that wasn't true and it was a very controversial film. When Tulip asked everyone at the diner if they liked "The Big Lebowski", the diner cheered.

Cassidy murmured that everyone were eejits. When Jesse proposed they go on a crusade to find God, Cassidy quickly agreed to be in for the "buckets of guns, sex, drugs, and shady characters dressed in bikinis".

After Tulip agreed, the three headed for Tulip's car. Cassidy lit a cigarette in Tulip's car. Cassidy then asked what Tulip was waiting on just as Tulip sped off into the highway.

The second season received generally positive reviews from critics. The site's critical consensus states, " Preacher ' s sophomore season benefits from more focused storytelling, without sacrificing any of its gorgeous, violent, insane fun.

The third season received generally favorable reviews from critics. The site's critical consensus states, " Preacher returns to its delightful debauchery, but with a steadier hand and better balance, elevating the drama without taking the edge off.

The site's critical consensus states, " Preacher returns as creatively violent, bloody, and profane as ever, but it seems to be running out of steam in its final season.

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Later, Cassidy was sitting on a lawn click at this page in the shade on the side of the church continue reading watched as his hand began to burn. At a motel, Cassidy apologized click here his actions. Jody is Marie Click at this page most trusted enforcer, often paired with T. Episode 9. However, Jesse asked Cassidy why he should trust him after lying to. He is ridiculed for click story and eventually seeks out Custer.

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